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Phim Con Lợn – Pig 2021 Trailer
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PHIM Con Lợn – Pig

thuộc thể loại tâm lý, hành động được sản xuất năm 2021 bởi đạo diễn Michael Sarnoski

và có sự góp mặt của các diễn viên Alex Wolff, Nicolas Cage, Adam Arkin.

Nội dung phim xoay quanh câu chuyện của một gã thợ săn,

ông sống một mình ở vùng hoang dã Oregonian.

Để tìm lại chú lợn kiến ăn yêu quý của mình, ông bắt buộc phải trở về với quá khứ ở Portland.

Điều gì sẽ xảy ra ở đó? Liệu ông có tìm được chú lợn không?

Phim Con Lợn – Pig 2021 xoay quanh câu chuyện về người đàn ông thợ săn

nắm sống một mình tại vùng Orgonian đầy hoang vắng.

Lúc trước, anh có từng nuôi một con lợn cái nhưng hiện tại đã bị bọn người xấu bắt đi,

vì thế anh quay trở lại Portland để có thể tìm kiếm được cô lợn yêu quý của mình.

Xem Phim Con Lợn - Pig  Online | HD Vietsub

At Eurydice, Rob asks to meet with its head chef, Derrick, a former pasta chef at Rob’s restaurant.

Rob pointedly yet empathetically criticizes Derrick for opening a contemporary restaurant rather than the pub he always wanted to run.

An emasculated Derrick confesses that Amir’s wealthy father, Darius,

was behind the theft of his pig, which he knew about after Amir informed him about its existence.

Rob angrily ends his partnership with Amir before going to confront Darius at his home.

Darius promises him $25,000 in exchange for the pig and threatens Rob with the pig’s death should he continue his pursuit.

After Amir visits his mother (who is alive but in a coma,

implying her suicide attempt failed) he goes to pick up Rob from Darius’s house.

Rob admits to Amir that he does not actually need his pig to hunt truffles,

but he simply appreciates her companionship and loves her.

He then asks Amir to help him get his pig back in another way.

Rob retrieves a loaf of bread from his former baker, while Amir sources special ingredients,

including a bottle of wine from Rob and Lori’s personal collection,

held at the mausoleum containing Lori’s body. After sneaking back into Darius’s house,

Rob and Amir cook and serve the same dinner that Darius and his wife were cooked years earlier by Rob, for the three of them in the kitchen. Darius is brought to tears over the meal and retreats to his office. When Rob again asks where his pig is, Darius confesses that the junkies he hired to take it had mishandled it, resulting in its death; Rob is devastated. A remorseful Amir drives Rob back to the Skyline tavern where he had first picked him up. Despite Amir’s carelessness, Rob decides to resume his partnership with him. Returning to his cabin, Rob plays a tape that Lori recorded of herself singing “I’m on Fire” to him for his birthday.

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